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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Common Hair Care Mistakes...

Hair Care Mistakes - You should avoid them...

Many people want long thick healthy and shiny hair and the specialty is not broken.

What we do to get such hair. You will do a lot to care for your hair. But you know that in the care you make such small mistakes. Because of which they do not look pretty but they become dull, dry and damage and starts to fall apart so don’t worry and don’t take tension because I have the solution to these small problems.

The special thing about that I will tell you what you should do for your hair and what things should be avoided.

 Do's and Don’ts

So, let starts with hair wash

The main reason for hair fall is that we do not use shampoo correctly. The shampoo is thick and we apply it to a direct scalp. This is our biggest mistake and when we wash it after applying it does not get out of the right because its chemicals are left inside and hair starts falling.

 If you think that washing your hair again and again will clean your hair so you are wrong because washing hair often turns the natural oil of our hair because of this our hair become dry and starts falling.
The right way to apply shampoo is to mix it with some water in the first place. It means dilute it. The shampoo will not take much of our hair and its foam will be spread from our hair. It means distributed one more thing to take care of the scalp of hair more than hair length. For that, we have to massage our hair with the help of fingertips.

Do not be too fast, to do with light hands. Due to this, the accumulated oil and dust in our hair will be washed.

The second problem is not to apply the conditioner properly in hair. many people think that the more conditioners will apply, the more our hair will look smooth and shiny and some people also feel that the condition of hair in the roots of the hair will be smoothed from the roots. While this is absolutely wrong.

The conditioner should be applied on hair length or tips should not be applied on the roots always remember conditioner should always wash with too much water because when we put some water to wash it, we feel that our hair has become silky and shiny. While we feel absolutely wrong. We should wash it with more water. Because the ingredients of the conditioner are not left on the surface of our hair. Do not have our hair rough and damages.

Now it's a mistake that we make repeated making mistakes while combing our hair. the main mistake is that we comb our wet hair. Which is wrong. This also causes our hair to break.

Think about yourself when we wash our hair, our hair becomes soft. If you comb, then your hair will go away, but you will also break down from the root. so, you should not comb into wet hair.

Drying hair care…

The right way to do this is to let it dry out first for detangle.  the lower hair first, then only it from above. Doing so will break your very little hair for detangling your hair. use always wide teeth comb.
Your comb, brush, and any other styling product which u are using must be cleaned twice a week. Do not use everyone’s comb and change your comb from time to time. now it’s time to wet hair. When it comes to drying them.

So, with the help of a towel, they dry up like a jerk like they are washing clothes with the help of a bat. While doing so the hair breaks more and splits ends.

When we wrap the towel in wet hair, it absorbs water which makes it even heavier. And our soft hair does not catch that load and it breaks down.

DIY for drying hair care…

For that, you should have 1 cotton t-shirt. Now move on towards the forehead and leave it.
Now wrap it in this way. Since the t-shirt is light, hair will quickly dry and it will not break.

Oiling hair care…

If you think that oiling hair will make your hair stronger. So, this is absolutely wrong. I remember in college I had a friend who used to bring oil in the morning, so she used to shine her hair in the morning.
And when he used to go, his hair could be seen separately, because the soil was solidified in it. after some time, I noticed that after it started falling and dandruff has also happened. 

There is a lot of one to two spoons for oiling in hair. remember for oiling two spoons is more than enough for hair. if we look less oil then for that we need that we should do something like this spread oil in one of our hair and its root.

DIY for oiling hair care….

To apply oil in the hair, take two spoons of oil in a bowl. Now make it a little lukewarm. So that they are well penetrated in our hair shafts. by taking one section of hair put oil with the help of fingertips.
Lead the remaining oil in hand and crush your hair on the one side upwards. This oil will be used in an equal quantity of oil. nothing will be done by putting oil in the roots, we should also massage for five to ten minutes.

Massage makes improving blood circulation of the scalp and promotes our hair growth. It helps in hair growth. Remember to apply oil once or twice a week.

Dandruff hair care…

Our biggest wrong thinking is that People often think that their scalp has become dry, then they have become dandruff. However, it is not like that, it is the opposite. When the production of oil in our scalp is high, we get dandruff.

DIY for Dandruff hair care…

For this, we need Four tablespoons Sour buttermilk and half spoon lemon juice. mix it well. apply it on your scalp with the help of a cotton ball. if u want u can apply with the help of fingertips. wait for 15- 20 minutes. after 20 minutes massage of your scalp with the help of fingertips for good 5 minutes.

Dandruff swells with twenty minutes and with the massage it starts falling off. Hair upside down and massage with water for good 2 minutes. with this dandruff flows with water. use twice in a week for dandruff-free hair.

Night hair care…

At night we sleep in open hair, this is a big mistake of all of us and some people think they should sleep very tight hair dam but this is wrong. make a loose braid before going to bed. in the morning you get as it is. it will not break.

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  1. My hair is so thin and dry, hair braiding at night has been the best for keeping it healthy and without split ends.